Beauty and Style with Security

Dual frame windows and doors combine beauty and slim sightlines with low maintenance to provide the secure solution for houses of all ages and styles.

Whatever the style of your home, Dualframe’s wide choice of window and door configurations, sizes and colours as well as a choice of matching and contrasting hardware, offers you a fantastic choice of windows and doors. And you can rest assured that it will last and stay looking good whilst remaining safe and secure.

Aluminium’s physical properties, such as low thermal expansion and contraction and inherant strength, result in window and door frames that are extremely stable. This means that the frames and casements of Dualframe doors and windows fit precisely together and will continue to be close fitting throughout their lives.

This stability and rigidity means that Dualframe provides exceptional water-tightness and wind resistance so that heat losses are reduced.

All Dualframe entrance doors have three hook locks and a central latch engaging with stainless steel keeps and a central deadbolt with a five-pin anti-drill cylinder complying with BS EN 1303.

Select from a range of stylish?hardware?to add elegance to your aluminium doors and windows.