As curtain walls are not structural they can be made of lightweight material which means you can cover larger areas at lower cost to construction. Here at Manchester Shopfronts we repair and install curtain walls to big name retail outlets such as Tesco, Next, B&Q and other large retails stores throughout the UK. As we are specialists with aluminium systems curtain walls can be fabricated to suit the size and needs for each project.

Aluminium curtain walls are non-structural cladding systems for external buildings such that can cover multiple storeys of a building. As the curtain wall is non structural this means that it will only carry the load that add to it whereas traditionally buildings support their weight with brickwork or panelling. All our aluminium curtain walls are either designed and coloured to suit the needs of each specific job which can be sprayed in any colour from the RAL chart or they can also be transparent to see through in to the building interior.

All our aluminium curtain walls are designed and fabricated in house by our team of experts with decades of experience in curtain wall systems, depending on what you need, we can adapt to suit your needs.

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The colour of a facade, entrance screen or run of windows is literally the finishing touch to a building. Corporate colour schemes or simply breathtaking swathes of colour create real personalities for landmark projects.

Our polyester powder coating facility can match any BS or RAL colour, and utilising the natural sheen of the base material anodised finishes can catch the light and change the appearance of a building as the light fades late in the day.

We offer Architects, Contractors, Developers, Fabricators, Installers and Clients a wide range of innovative solutions for curtain walling, fa?ades and specialist applications.

Our team here at Manchester Shopfronts are on hand to guide you to the best solution for your Curtain Walling needs.