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The Different Types of Roller Shutters

A roller shutter door is a vertical rolling door system comprising of horizontal laths forming the curtain, side guides, bottom rail, barrel assemble and canopy.

Roller shutters are commonly used as a door to provide a high level of security for all types of properties. Depending on the specification it is traditionally manufactured from galvanised steel or extruded aluminium.

They are classified as a machine under EU legislation and must be serviced and maintained by a capable person on a regular basis. The size (height & width) of the opening / roller shutter will dictate the size and thickness of the components used.

When specifying a bespoke roller shutter you will have to consider the following:

• Security level
• Airflow/Vision requirements
• Thermal Protection
• Width & height of opening
• Aesthetics
• Frequency of use
• Method of operation
• Budget
• Head room requirements
• Finish
• Safety features

Security Roller Shutters

Keeping your property secure is often source of worry, but it doesn’t have to be because here at Roller Shutters and Steel Doors we have the solution. Our great range of security shutters, domestic roller shutters, security window shutters and security roller shutters can be used to provide protection for your domestic, commercial and retail properties and can be made to specifically fit your home or business. 

Our security roller shutters, security window shutters and domestic roller shutters have diverse qualities and designs so that they are able to better suit your individual safety requirements. 

For retail properties our security roller shutters and security window shutters can provide differing levels of visibility and some of them can have vision panels applied for your discretion. 

Our range also includes manually and electronically operated security roller shutters, though our electronically operated roller shutters often require a minimum width depending on which shutter you decide to choose. 

Though our security roller shutters and security window shutters are about safety, style is also an integrated part of our designs, and mean our shutters will not only look good but keep your property safe as well.

Industrial Shutters

For larger industrial properties Roller Shutters and Steels Doors provide a range of shutter and roller shutters for an overall door security solution. 

Our doors can be operated either with a chain or electronically depending on your specific security needs and are presented in the classic steel roller shutter design with scrolled slat. We can provide you with either single or three phase shutter doors. 

Though we recommend you purchase a three phase shutter door if the door will be opened many times throughout the day or if the shutter is going to be large and weigh 450kg or more. 

For extra security and safety our doors can be fire-rated for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hour’s resistance to suit your needs. In terms of making your doors more appealing, any door you pick can be powder coated in any RAL/BS colours.

  • Available in chain-operated
  • Three phase or single phase
  • Classic steel roller shutter with scrolled slat
  • Fire rated shutters 1, 2, 3 and 4 hour
  • Can be powder coated any RAL/BS colour
  • Manufactured with white or brown aluminium head box and guides for higher grade applications and easier installation

Steel roller shutter

If you want something strong that the material should be heavyweight then you can consider the option of steel for roller shutter door. Moreover, whichever option you choose the shutter will add an additional layer of security and protection to the entire place. The shutter can be operated manually as well as electrically.

Aluminum roller shutter

Looking for something lightweight option of shutters then you should consider aluminum as an option. It means you can easily operate than the material is very flexible and it doesn’t require much effort. You can also get them installed on the window, garage door, warehouse door, and bar grills. They also provide weather safety.

Collapsible gate

If your shop or business premises is very small then coll gates are the best option. This way, the problem of having a room for getting an overhead shutter will be solved.

These gates are hung on the top, which is guided by floor track and pin. It can be easily manufactured in a different format according to your requirement. They can be easily opened in any direction or can be split in the middle.

Transparent rolling shutter

You might know this that roller shutter is available in transparent option also. This way it helps in giving visibility but also make the entire place secure. This option is very durable and they can be operated automatically. It means you don’t have to put too much effort into the opening or closing them. It is the best option for displaying the product in your shop so that the customers get to know what you are offering them. If you want something for partition in the garden then you can consider this option. You also get the benefit of protecting the entire place from UV rays.

Steel personnel door

Our team also manufacture the door for pedestrian access so that people don’t face any problem while entering or going out of the shop. They can be installed in a double door and a single door. If you want something that can protect the place against fire than that option is also available.

If you have any problem or query then you can contact our team and they will let you everything regarding the installation process.

For more information on quality roller shutter installations and repairs, visit Roller Shutters NW 

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