Are Bifold Doors Secure?

Understanding Security of BiFold Doors

When we install up and down the country, one questions we get asked all the time is how secure are bi folding doors, sliding door and crittall doors? It’s a really good question because when you are going to install these types of doors, you want to know that your property’s security is not compromised when you install bi fold doors. The good news is that bi folding doors are very secure and you needn’t worry about a thing. In this article, we will talk about the structure of bi fold doors, what they are made of, what they can withstand, and how they are perfectly secure for any home.

When you choose the right product coupled with professional installation by an experienced company, bifolding doors are just as secure as any brick wall.

strong aluminium door

What are bifold doors made of?

Bifold doors are made up primarily of toughened glass and aluminium making it the perfect choice for security. Aluminium is the most durable element on the planet and can withstand the force of 200lb weights. The toughened glass is also very strong and can withstand the force of metallic objects such as hammers and other cutting tools. Toughened glass is thermally created to a much higher temperature which means it can withstand much more keeping your home safer and much more secure than ordinary glass. Any decent bi fold door supplier and installer will know which types of glazing to use when installing bi fold doors.

Locking Systems on Bi Fold Doors

Many bi fold doors come with multi point locking systems as standard meaning that as well as being inline (hidden away) makes it much harder to find and pretty much impossible for any intruder to take the doors out of the mechanism. Doors will be keep the aesthetic minimal look but at the same time will set to the gear on the bottom track so if they were to try to remove the doors, they would need to remove the bottom tracks that are drilled in to the concrete in the ground with steel lock pins.? The locking mechanisms just cannot be beaten and the locks cannot be picked from the outside when there is no lock! You have to remember that bi fold doors are nothing like conservatories, most conservatories are just UPVC doors and frames, these are aluminium bifold doors and are extra tough so don’t make the mistake of thinking that conservatories and bi fold doors are the same, they are not.

So when it comes to choosing your bi fold doors, you will always get the secure option because they are all designed that way. With more and more homes choosing aluminium doors and windows suppliers are rigorously testing aluminium systems.

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